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Friday, August 12th, 2005
5:12 pm - India Update
Hello All! well i'm back from india a few days early. here is a list of some of things that transcribed:

1) Arrived in Paris only to find out that the rest of my group were not students, but mostly adult (i.e. 30-50 year olds) women
2) Arrive in India to meet 4 people (my age) who were there for the month long trip and immediately inform me that the trip is nothing like it's supposed to be...cult-like in fact
3) Figure out that all of the otehr people on the trip (besides the other students) are followers of a guru in India named Amma
4) FInd out that the group leaders are demanding $500 more for things that were already supposed to be paid for
5) Have a very strong conversation with the leaders of the trip about the cult-like quality of Amma (including the fact that for the majority of the trip we were supposed to stay at her Ashram where 13,000 of her members all live, get up at 5am to chant until 10 am and do work for the ashram for 2-3 each day)
6) Decide to leave the trip after the other students say to me, "if you have a way to get out, get out" (they too left the group a few days after i did)
7) Stay in Kochi for 4 days with the help of my contacts in India
8) Go to the Periyar Wildlife sanctuary in Thekkady and see lots of cool animals
9) Go to Delhi
10) Get asked by the Indian senator (i.e. my contact) whether or not i have "sexual relations" with my boyfriend because that's what "american women do"
11) Get sick and come home early

Now, here is a list of the things i learned about India:
1) It is rich in tradition and culture...women still wear saree's and chadari's (long tunic, pants and scarf)
2)There is complete and total disorganization
3)People drive where ever there's room...things included on the road: cars, trucks, LOTS of buses, motorcycles, mo-peds, autorickshaws (the Indian taxi which is a mo-ped w/ a cage around it to seat passangers), bicycles, cows and horses
4)Indian men don't respect women AT ALL!
5)Indians think that all western women, but in particular, american women are whores that will sleep with anyone
6)The way people live there is no way to live
7) Yet, with that, people are also incredibly happy
8) I don't like having people wait on me (in India, if you have any money at all, you have servants, drivers, etc which they emply because people need the jobs)
9)I don't want to joing a cult
10)It's an amazing place that is beautiful, full of history and extremely complex

So there it is, a brief story about my trip to India. I'll post pictures as soon as i can for everyone to see. in addition, i met some amazing people, who all wanted to know my story, along the way. so thank you to everyone from germany, austrailia, the u.s., and england. plus, if anything, it's a good story to tell...


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Saturday, June 18th, 2005
2:39 pm
so last night was a lot of fun (a.k.a. "a real shit show" as sarah would say). many thanks and props to ciara for providing the venue! i want to see everyone's CRAZY pictures!!!


p.s. and many, many thanks to sarah and robby for cleaning up. you guys are selfless!!

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
9:43 pm - Freshman Year at U of M
Well, today was my last day of classes, i have one final on friday and then my freshman year is over. wow, i can't believe how incredibly fast it went by. all and all, i had a great first year: i love me school, i met a lot of awesome people who are now my good friends, i met a great guy who is now my boyfriend from kansas and i've found some direction as to what the fuck i'm gonna be doing with the rest of my life. some regrets: i didn't do everything i wanted, i didn't stay in touch with everyone at home as much as i wanted to, and this semesters classes kind of sucked.

i'll be home on may 8th after i go to kansas with jeff, then job hunting and the india from july 14th to august 14th and then back here. i'll be home for 4 months, but i bet you it will go by fast too.

next year however will be a huge time in my and my family's life. 1) i will be getting a baby sister in the fall from china 2) i will be a sophomore, living in an apartment with 2 other girls 2)i'll have to declare my major at the end of the year 3) my sister will be graduating college 4) my sister's boyfriend, matt, will be getting out of iraq soon 5) jeff will be graduating

so yeah...those are all both exciting and scary events that i'll be going through in '05-'06...should be interesting. i have to go though b/c we're having midnight breakfast downstairs for a study break. have an awesome end of the year everyone and i'll be seeing y'all soon!!


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Monday, March 21st, 2005
2:25 pm - 30 hours...
Hey everyone! well Dance Marathon, many arts and crafts projects, card games and tired feet later, is finally over. We raised about $300,500 for Pediatric Rehabilitation for Motts Children's Hospital which is about $52,000 more than last year... so that's awesome! Though DM was one of the most tiring experiences of my life, it was totally amazing and my goal is to do it each year until graduation. My friends and I want to be dance captains next year. Plus, though when you're doing it, and your feet hurt and all you want to do is go to sleep, you realize that all the kids you're helping don't have the luxury of standing at all, let alone for 30 hours. They can't dance and they can't walk by themselves either-- so it makes you put it all into perspective.

when i got back i slept from about 5:30 pm to 10: 30 this morning which equals about 17 hours of sleep and i'm STILL tired. oh well! it was completely worth it!! everyone should do dance marathon if you can, it was amazing!

current mood: happy

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Saturday, March 19th, 2005
1:39 am - Dance Dance Revolution!
Well..not quite, but is Dance Marathon close enough?!?!

tomorrow, for 30 hours straight, i can't sit down or sleep. it's gonna be a kick ass time! just to let everyone know, i'm not allowed to have my phone (or anything that tells time for that matter) so if you call me, i won't answer it until 4pm on sunday, but then i'll be sleeping and therefore will not return your phone calls until sometime monday when i wake up. wow...what a run on...i suck... :)

anywho...sarah, i'm sorry we didn't speak today...i love you and i hope you're feeling ok. i'll call you when i'm up on monday. you should go visit my mom/your other mom

hope everyone has a good weekend! now it's time to DANCE!!!

love, kate

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
1:21 am - Matt
tonight at 3am, Matt, my sister's boyfriend of 3 years, will be leaving to go to Germany and then to Kuwait and then finally Iraq where he will stay for at least 18 months. meanwhile, right about the time Matt will be stepping onto Iraqi soil, President Bush will be inaugurated for the 2nd time....

please, say a prayer for matt, even if you don't know him, it can't hurt. thanks everyone


current mood: sad

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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
10:48 am - being all political
i voted at 7:30 this morning...go john kerry!


p.s. just think, our country might totally change after tonight...

current mood: optimistic

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
12:36 am - micheal moore is the shizzy

my favorite quote from michael moore tonight:

"What about Clinton?... He lied about a BLOW JOB! Has anyone ever died from a BLOW JOB?!?!?"

haha, gotta love good ol' michael moore! he's insane, but really cool too...tonight was a lot of fun, he read us the book that Bush had been reading to the 1st graders during 9/11 called my pet goat and believe it or not it's about a robber who trys to steal a girl's father's red car and the goat goes after him and stops him from stealing the car....lol it was funny...after seeing him speak, i'm that much more of a liberal and i'm really excited for the debate tomorrow! also, my friend kyle came across this really cool, non-biased website that i thought was really informative. it has all the major political issues and when u click on it it gives u the stance of the 2 parties but doesn't tell u who's stance it is. then u choose which one u agree with and then it shows u which stance is which.... so i encourage all those undecided voters and even those who think they know who they're voting for to visit the site! here's the link:


enjoy! and vote well!!!


and remember, voting registration ends on monday...so if u haven't yet, register god damnit! :-)

current mood: poltically active

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Thursday, September 9th, 2004
10:21 pm - I'm old...
I love all of my friends! u guys are truly the best people in the entire world...though my day of classes sucked and i stepped in a huge mud puddle, i realized that everyone around me (either immediate or far away) are really the best and most caring people ever. I can't believe that i've been allowed to know all of u and have u in my life all at once. so thank you sarah, sofia, amanda, angela and kristin for making my 18th b-day special...i love ALL of you guys..it meant alot to me and i'm SO happy to have u guys!!

p.s. sofia...i LOVED your gift. both for the funny insdie jokes and the food that i was in dire need of.

...sarah, thank u for cheering me up today..i love u

my dormmates also made my day special: they bought me a cookie cake and sang happy birthday to me and gave me a michigan shot glass and sweatshirt and all signed a card for me...

i love all u guys! and again, thanks for a TOTALLY awesome 18th!

this weekend: get my ear pierced..and see what it's like to flirt w/a junior when i'm "legal"!! lol, i love it

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Saturday, September 4th, 2004
4:29 am - crazy
wow...college is INSANE!! i love the guys here (my roomie, Kay, and i were talking about how there are so many hot guys here that when u see one it doesn't even phase u anymore)...haha, i love it. we ordered pizza to our dorm tonight a 3am and tomorrow i'm waking up at 10 for our first football game of the season and MY first BIG HOUSE michigan football game ever! i'm SO excited! good times, good times...


current mood: sleepy

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Saturday, August 21st, 2004
6:29 pm
4 days until i leave for college...that's scary...and sarah, i DO know what ur beely button talk was all about and i WILL have a good time tonight...lol i love u!


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Saturday, June 12th, 2004
7:53 pm - procrastination to the MAX!!!!!!!
i'm about to go out, so i figured i'd write a little entry...

sarah came over at 10 am this morning to start working on our APES...i, however, was still sleeping and no one else in my family knew she was there...basically, sarah could walk into my house, steal ALL of our stuff and then kill us and my FOUR dogs wouldn't even make a peep! haha, i love it...then after she woke me up (lol she just walked into my room), we attempted to work on APES. we did work on it for a little bit and then senoritis kicked in (once agaian) and we stopped. we then watched some tv and went to go pick up a cat at the vet that we had to release in katonah....we got home from that and we realized that we were hungry so we went ALL the way back to kisco and went to Micky D's for some good 'ol chicken nugget happy meals (we're really cheap and didn't want to get the regular chicken nugget meal... :-D) then we came back here and watched some more tv and then sarah left...so yeah, that was my and sarah's INCREDIBILY unproductive day....

she's coming back tomorrow morning at 10am to actually work, but who knows...we DO love to procrastinate!

alrighty, i'm out!


current mood: lazy

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
To whom it may concern (y'all know who u are by now...):

-BE HERE AT 6pm tomorrow night! If your parents are coming, have them drive u here and then on sunday either the person you're driving back with can drive u home or your parents can pick u up here! There's not enough room to have EVERYONE'S cars AND their parent's cars here at the same time...work it out, i know u can manage....

-The limBUSine is getting here at 6:45 to leave for the prom, again, if you're not here by then, we'll still leave :D

-Girls: bring flip flops on the bus when we go to prom...after the prom is over, we're coming here. However, the liBUSine CAN'T fit down my driveway, so we'll have to walk down here and back (i.e. high heels on my little dirt driveway will SUCK)...also, if u happen to have a flashlight hanging around, bring that too and leave it on the bus

-Finally...it gets cold at my house upstate at night...BRING A SWEATSHIRT!

Ok, now that i'm done raving...i hope every1 is gonna have a good time...please try and not ask me LOADS of questions/demands as i have all the regular prom stresses (dress fitting, hair, etc) AND the added stress of hosting this GLORIOUS event...just be nice and cooperate, for me, ok?!?!?

Love you guys! and see y'all at 6pm tomorrow!!



current mood: stressed

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Saturday, May 15th, 2004
3:08 pm - i have white spots everywhere!

i'm bored and have nothing to do...matt and i didn't end up going to the yankee game because he didn't feel well...i guess some other time. i've been pretty productive today, i got up at 8, cleaned the kitchen, changed all the kitty litters, took a shower, went to the prison to feed, got some gas, washed my car, and then vacuumed and washed the floor! now i think i'm gonna go do some hw...i hope every1 is enjoying the nice day!


current mood: productive

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
9:31 pm - "you're so sexy..."

"Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah. Some call me the gangster of love.Some people call me Maurice. 'Cause I speak of the pompitous of love.... I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker"

that's steve miller for all of u who didn't know...i was listening to the classic rock station today in the car and it was awesome...i have to say that classic rock is way better than anything that's on the radio today....so yeah, y'all should listen to it!

i'm out!


current mood: high

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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
9:10 pm

"Big screen...Kissing in a movie...God you move me around....We got seriously down....But I was only 19"

Oh rhett miller, how i love thee...every1 shoyld listen to rhett and old 97's they kick major ass!

this weekend was fun...on friday i went to ihop w/ a bunch of people in CT and then to go see 13 going on 30...it was alright...i do LOVE my 80's music...so that made me able to sit through it. saturday matt came over, but he was very tired from playing golf all day w/jj and brett and then today we celebrated mother's day...my mom liked her gift, so i was happy :D

ap english is done and ap environmental is on tuesday,  i'm not very prepared, but mr. patrick seems to think i'll be doing well on it...meh, what does he know...after ap's is senior projects, should be fun but alot of work...all i need is B's on them, so it's all good

alrighty, i'm out! see y'all tomorrow!

current mood: devious

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Sunday, April 25th, 2004
1:21 pm - 1 year on lj!!

"our youth is fleeting...old age is just around the bend"

yeah, that's scary...my years as a high schooler are drawing to a close and as exciting as that may be, i'm completely terrified as well...we're all getting so old, so much repsoniblity, so much of "becoming an independent adult"....

yesterday, i got all of the info for graduation and the "senior events calendar" and that's when it really hit me...  12 years of my life are actually coming to a definitive end...

sofia's party was fun, i love just hanging out w/everyone...it was refreshing...everyone knows where they're going and it's official...ciara is VERY excited about Dartmouth, she even got the sandals and sweatshirt that say "Dartmouth" on them...lol i love that girl...even w/all her "prospie" and "oh i'm an '8' " talk...

so yeah, things are changing, people are getting older and then we'll be leaving...i plan on making this summer one of the best i've ever had...i'm telling everyone now that NO ONE can be anti-social and we ALL have to party alot and i mean A LOT!!

alrighty, that's it for now...matt got home really early this morning and was still a little tipsy...that boy cracks me up...even when he thinks i'm "weird"...







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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
7:40 pm - La di da....

"But we could end up broken hearted...If we don't remember why this all started. And if they try to tell you love fades with time... tell them there's no such thing as time....It's our time"

i love jack johnson...his music is very "summer"... whatever that's supposed to mean.... it makes me happy...i've been sorta stressed lately for various reasons...oh well it's all good...

everyone seems happier lately, i dunno if it's the incredibly nice weather or not..but every1 seems carefree and gay! lol

tomorrow i'm going to the "poopy plant" as patrick likes to call it...sarah went today and said it was quite boring, oh well...i won't be talking either b/c GSA is doing a vow of silence day for all the gays and lesbians who "have to be silent about themselves all the time" and i said i would do it...the day should be interesting...i DO like to talk...yeah so that's it...


p.s. i'm sick..


current mood: sick

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Sunday, April 18th, 2004
3:45 pm - my weekend w/the SEXIEST girl ever (aka sarah fuller)
so yeah, i had a pretty good weekend! went to the faculty bball game, it was great, our teachers are really cool and we helped raise $2,000 for A.L.S! then matt, sarah, pecco and i all went over to sarah's house...that was fun, we laughed alot (lol)...i slept over there and then i went home. saturday, sarah and i went to the westchester to buy viv a b-day present (HAPPY 18th Viv!!) and then we head over to the cheesecake factory for some dinner. i had a REALLY good salad and i was happy and then kristen and i shared key-lime cheesecake and it was AMAZING! then we all went back to viv's house were morgaine and her camp friends tom and seth were with her...they all hung out for a bit and then they left..

today was alright...i came back home from sarah's (if any1 doesn't know, i'm sleeping at sarah's for a few days b/c it makes her feel safer...lol)and then i went w/my mom to visit my great-aunt who has cancer and looks horrible...she's 92 and she looked like she was in a lot of pain..it was def. hard to see b/c i've never seen any1 that close to death before and she's such a generous and great person that it makes it even harder to see her go...but she'll be happy where she's going and she won't be suffering...so i tihnk it's for the best...

that's it for now...i hope every1 had some fun this weekend...


current mood: drained

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Saturday, April 10th, 2004
7:15 pm - I'M BACK!!!!
YAY! i'm sure u'r ALL very excited that sarah and i are at last home to grace u w/our wonderful light! lol except not!!! the trip was awesome, pictures soon to come. the flight was horrendous, a sat next to a VERy rude, old fat man who coughed alot, took up 2 seats AND didn't have socks on (twice his NASTY feet touched my leg!! it was gross...) anyway, that's it for now...


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